Pizza Division

Fully Prepared Pizza Sauces

Fully prepared Pizza Sauces are available in #10 cans (3 kg) with six (6) cans per case. Our Pizza Sauce is ready to use, and we have Pizza Sauce with Romano Cheese in the recipe and without Romano Cheese in the recipe.

Bethco International

Fully Prepared Spaghetti Sauces

Fully prepared Spaghetti Sauces are available in #10 cans (3 kg) with six (6) per case. Our ready-to-use Spaghetti Sauces are available in Marinara style (chunky) or Regular style.

Pizza Dough (Frozen and Dry Mix)

Our Pizza Dough is completely mixed and processed and is frozen into pre-formed shapes. We offer frozen raw dough flats, which are pre-formed round frozen raw crusts. These crusts are available in various diameters and are ready for topping and baking.

Our frozen raw dough balls are round balls (ranging from 170 grams to 795 grams) that are pressed into round crusts, topped, and baked.

Dry Pizza Crust Mix is packed in 2.27 kg bags with six (6) per bale or in bulk bags of 22.7 kg; water is added to either mix, while yeast may or may not be included in the mix depending upon the ambient climatic conditions.

Bethco International