Bakery Division

Bagels (Soft or Chewy in Frozen Form)

Our Bagels are available in sizes of 76 grams, 85 grams, and 114 grams each and are packed in plain poly bags. The 85-gram size and 114-gram sizes are packed at 72 per case, while the 76-gram size is packed at 90 per case. Steamed (softer) or boiled (chewy) bagels are available in 10 flavors, and custom flavors can also be produced. All bagels are frozen and are available in fully baked form, partially baked form, and/or raw unbaked. Private label available.

Dough (Frozen Bread, Rolls, and Dough)

Our Bread, Rolls, and Dough are all frozen and available in fully baked form (thaw and serve), partially baked form (thaw, finish, and serve), or raw frozen (thaw, proof, bake and serve). Our dough is ideal for bake shops, supermarkets, supermarket in-store bakeries, or food service applications. Case size depends on product and weight.

Bethco International

Donuts (Cake or Yeast in Frozen Form)

Our Donuts are available in frozen form with many flavors of either cake style or yeast-raised style. We offer donut holes (28 grams each) up to 85 grams and 114-gram full-size donuts. Our donuts are available in finished form (fried, topped, and frozen) for thaw and serve usage, unfinished form (fried and frozen) needs topping and/or filling, and raw frozen form (raw) needs frying/baking, finishing and/or filling and topping/icing. Case size depends upon the finished product and weight. Private label is available.

Pretzels (Frozen)

Our Pretzels range in size from 57 grams each up to 114 grams each and are available in cheese flavors, spice flavors, sweet flavors, and a Bavarian-style as well. All pretzels are frozen and available in fully baked, partially baked, or raw unbaked form. Case size depends upon product and weight. Private label is available.

Dry Mixes for Bakery Products

Our Dry Mixes for sweet dough (donuts) and lean dough (bread, rolls, etc.) are packed in 22.7 kg bulk bags and are mixed with water and yeast. We also offer bases to which flour, water, and yeast are added.

Bethco International